Turbo Tubs was formed in 1988 after our founder purchased an outdoor spa for his own personal home use. After the sale, he experienced on-going spa quality problems, excessive electrical bills, and a total lack of credibility and support in problem solving from the local spa retailer that the spa was purchased from. It was a very unpleasant and costly "first time buyer" spa shopping experience, but he still thought that using a functioning "hot" spa felt truly relaxing. After successfully repairing the old spa himself, he sold it to a friend. He then started a new quest to find the "ultimate spa/hot tub" as a replacement for his old spa. After researching all spa/hot tub brands nationwide, his final conclusion was that Dimension One Spas manufactured in San Diego California, earned his very highest grade overall, based on his 8-point rating criteria of:

Unfortunately & fortunately at the same time, there wasn't any Dimension One Spa retailers east of the Mississippi river then. Feeling positive that he could offer spa buyers a better spa shopping experience -Turbo Tubs was born. Adapting a company motto of "We Sell The Best & Service The Rest" Turbo Tubs became dedicated to offering Chicagoland spa buyers the best quality spa/hot tubs in the USA. Turbo Tubs became the 1st Dimension One spa/hot tub retailer east of the Mississippi river. Turbo Tubs added Caldera Spas (another high quality California spa manufacturer) to their spa product offering in 1990, because of the need to offer more selection of spa interior colors (back in 1988 Dimension One Spas were only available in "Ultralife" white, which still guarantees spa buyers lifetime spa shell warranty protection). Caldera Spas & Dimension One Spas are more similar than different; Spa Industry Leaders, Both Started In 1976, Extreme Quality, Fully Insulated, High Performance, Long-Term Durability/Reliability, Innovative Features, & Financially Sound U.S. Corporations. The bottom line is that every spa retailer claims to have the best spa/hot tub made. Turbo Tubs challenges all spa buyers to have us factually prove that the best spa/hot tubs are available in our Naperville, IL showroom at Turbo Tubs! In reality though, the spa you buy is really just an extension of the seller. Since our start in 1988, we have personally stood behind and backed up every single spa we have ever sold. Turbo Tubs is Chicagoland's only exclusive spa/ hot tub specialist - WE DON'T DO POOLS, PATIO SETS, BBQ'S, SAUNAS, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT, X-MAS TREES, FURNITURE or LAWNMOWERS. WE DO SPAS & HOT TUBS EXCLUSIVELY! Treating our customers great since 1988. Please stop in our store to see how a Turbo Tub can change your life!